The mainstay of an organisation is the quality and value of their workforce. In this fast paced highly impulsive market the workforce needs to be at its paramount, both in personal and technical expertise. Myrmidon identifies the need of the expertise training and development to be imparted to the workforce by thoughtful assessment of the present obtainable resources making sure the programs and workshop are designed and aligned in all aspects and for the diverse stages of deliverance keeping in check future preparedness of the workforce. The delivery of the programs are designed in accord to the level of the workforce facilitate systematic and overall increase in the productivity and decision making across levels of workforce. To prolong the optimum effect we have mechanised a post delivery assessment. This acts as a channel with the concerned departments and top management for perpetual significance of the service provided by Myrmidon.

HR Policies- Performance Management:

Design to develop cutting edge programmes for optimising the potentials of the employees focusing on their key strengths and to strategize the same towards complimenting the vision and mission of the company.

Employee Relations:

We believe in constructive problem solving, clarifying roles and responsibilities to pump up the employee relations through building processes to bring in commitments for better team management.