Myrmidon excels in systems engineering & testing services, our expertise include Research & Development, requirements, design, development, testing, integration and operational maintenance of complex systems. To meet your requirements efficiently, we have developed two business lines:

Systems and Software Engineering (SSE)

To develop your integrated software applications, on your own specifications or using commercial software, SSE is essential. It can also create the information system required for product lifecycle management.

Design and Testing Engineering (DET)

It offers engineering and design services for each stage of the product lifecycle, from design to testing via simulation, as well as integration of both mechanical and software elements into the final system. Following are the strategic solutions that provide a realistic, flexible and innovative methodology to meet our clients' business requirements:


We cover the main aspects of the activities of your R&D departments - to ask the right questions, study various solutions and support the implementation of chosen practices, technologies, progress plans or required transformations.


We reduce the risk of failures, cut development and maintenance costs, as well as time to market, improve the quality of deliverables and ongoing QA performance, and most importantly we meet business requirements.

Project Delivery Process Improvement (DPI)

We build and provide dedicated service centres for our clients. These centres enable an optimized management of activities and the use of tailor-made tools along with our R3 approach (the right resource at the right place and the right cost).


We provide end to end ERP implementation to manage the overall departments of the organisation integrating the needs and updates with real time collaboration with aspect data availability on cloud.